Deer Hunting

Our Maine Deer Hunts are Bow Hunting only in the months of September and October. These Deer Hunts in Maine will take place on the offshore islands or on the main land in the Penobscot bay region. Most of the islands the Deer populations are thriving almost to the point of over population. Many on Maine Deer Hunts have very large bucks on them with respectable racks even some Pope and Young bucks. There is opportunity to take 2 or 3 Deer of any sex on these Maine Deer Hunts with good placed shots. We have already placed stands or you can bring your own stands. We are hunting over food sources or trails that Deer use to feed. Our shots are 10 to 35 yards. With our TDB duck boats we have the mobility to hunt many islands on the Maine coast not just one or two like others. Most Islands are Spike Camp Set-up with outfitter tents, cots and cooking gear (we do all the cooking so you can hunt). All Maine Deer Hunters arrive the day before the hunt so that they can be transferred to the island for the Maine Deer Hunt.


Seaduck Hunting
Seaduck Hunting



On Maine Deer Hunts you should bring silent camouflage clothing with enough layers suitable for temperatures 25° to 65° F. You should bring gloves, rain gear, a camo face mask, and a good pair of rubber boots along with any personal Deer Hunting gear you want. Scent Lock Suits are recommended but not required for a good hunt. You will need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towels, flashlight, camera, mosquito net and rain gear. In Maine you must by law use broadheads that are no smaller than 7/8" opened. We have all the tree stands, but if you want to bring yours you can on Deer Hunts in Maine.


We have all the licenses at the lodge for your convenience
Bear license - $200.00
Expanded archery - $80.00
Regular archery - $55.00


Bear over bait - August 28-Sept 23
Expanded deer - 1st Saturday after Labor day-December 9
Regular archery - The last weekend in the last Friday in October



$1,900.00 6 day package
Maximum of 18 hunters in camp per year


$800 For 3 day package
$1,450 for 6 day package


September combo Bear and Deer (bow)$1700 for 6 days


All prices are meals and lodging included,you must buy your licenses.




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